Pianist | Accompanist

More than an accompanist.

Growing up as a Baptist preacher’s son in the Bible Belt, I often accompanied church services. Each Sunday someone I didn’t know would introduce herself (it was usually a woman) as the soloist for the “special music.” Then, if I was lucky, she would hand me some printed music. “I want to sing this – but not in that key.” It was the best vocational training an accompanist can get.

As a “collaborative pianist” I have worked with many soloists and ensembles over the years.

My specialty is accompaniment – classical or pop, musical or chanson, gospel or jazz – but of course I also perform alone. What would you like to hear – some Mozart or Debussey? Or some light “music to ignore” during dinner or drinks?

When I came to Germany, the country’s first gay men’s choir heard about me, and I became the pianist of the Triviatas. Those performances were seen by many performers and directors, and before long I had a reputation as a quick study with a good stage appearance. Then I signed on for what would become ten years of touring Germany with Springmaus improvisational theater.

In 1992 I had the honor of playing the pianist Manny Weinstock in Volker Schmaloehr’s production of Master Class at the National Theater in Mannheim, with Gabriele Badura in the role of  Maria Callas.

In 2000 Wanda Rumor and I performed 50 evening shows at the EXPO World’s Fair in Hanover.

Photo by Susanne Horn

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Current projects include:

Charlotte Rettig

“Cologne’s answer to Liza Minnelli”

Local Cologne flair with irresistible charm. We take turns accompanying each other.


Charlotte Rettig Website



Click to hear Charlotte Rettig singing one of her own compositions.

Agnes Erkens, mezzo soprano

Meditative Hebrew music

The Agnes Erkens Trio (with Alessandro Palmitessa on clarinet) interprets ancient lyrics and melodies. This is a Ladino lullaby from Spain’s Siglo de Oro.

Agnes Erkens Website



Click to hear Agnes Erkens singing “Durme,” arranged by Steve Nobles.

Beate Kuczera

Consolation in song

Musikalische Begleitung für den letzten Weg.




Beate Kuczera Website



Click to hear Beate Kuczera singing Psalm 73 by Steve Nobles.

List of artists I have professionally accompanied:

Dirk Bach, Hella von Sinnen, Carolyn James, Helena Marion Scholz, Steve Shivers, Mauricio Virgens, Die Triviatas, Die Zauberflöten, Kölner Frauenchor von 1931 e.V., Georgette Dee, Beate Rademacher, Hannelore Kaub, Gayle Tufts, Samy Orfgen, Ralph Morgenstern, Georg Roth, Bernd von Fehrn (Wanda Rumor), Betty LaMinga, Andreas Zaron, Buenaventura Braunstein, Ulf Paulsen, Elena Knapp, Enrique Sanchez-Lansch, Gabriela Gzella, Bill Mockridge,

Sia Korthaus, Ilja Richter, Stephan Runge, Charlotte Rettig, Alexandra Gauger, Cora Frost, Edda Schnittgard (Queen B), Duotica (Marion Scholtz und Holger Edmaier), Pe Werner, Agnes Erkens, Corinna May, Valerie Scott, Herb McCoy, Dennis Legree, Manuela Kunze, Tanja Haller, Die Kutschallas, Kerstin Kilman Kallewegge, Die Rheinperlen, Improvisationstheater Springmaus, Die Frizzles, Die Königs, Birgit Schlenther, u.v.m.