Arranger | Composer

Diverse genres, distinctive style.

I’ve been writing and arranging music for vocal soloists, choirs and instrumental ensembles throughout Germany since 1982. I kind of quit counting them when I got to 57.

A musical called The Red Riding Hood Report (Der Rotkäppchenreport) premiered at Comedia Colonia Theater in 1984 and played several months before going on to be performed hundreds of times by theater troupes throughout Germany. Starring in the show were Samy Orfgen, Isabel Trimborn, Gerd Krebber and the late, great comedian Dirk Bach.

One of my early classics is “Des Mannes bester Freund” (Man’s Best Friend), inspired by my favorite comedy film Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.


Click to hear me singing “Des Mannes bester Freund” in German.

My compositions have been featured in the following productions:

The Dirk Bach Show (Title theme) (RTL)

Der Rotkäppchenreport (“The Little Red Riding Hood Report” Book: Angelika Bartram) (broadcast on West 3)

Edgar (Solo show by Dirk Bach; Book: Helmut Seliger) (West 3)

Welt ohne Schwerkraft (Variety show broadcast on West 3)
Die Schnauze voll (“I’ve Had Enough” solo show by Bügelbrett-founder Hannelore Kaub)

Schwester George lädt ein (“An Evening with Sister George”)
Odysseus. Und jetzt. (“Odysseus. And now. ” solo show by William Mockridge; Book: Helmut Seliger)

Springmaus improv troupe, Bonn (multiple shows)
Die Königs, improv troupe, Köln (multiple shows)
Triviatas, Cologne’s first gay men’s choir (multiple shows)

Sprungbrett, WDR workshop stage (for the shows
Ohne Federlesen and Ich lebe in der Dachrinne)

40 Jahre und ein bißchen heiser (Solo show by Samy Orfgen; Book: Ulrike Bliefert)

Alle Männchen werden prüder (Solo show by Anka Zink;
Book: Anka Zink and Margit Rogall)

Da gehen wir hin (Solo show by Anka Zink; Book: Anka Zink and Moritz Netenjakob)

Angels in America (Production of Studiobühne Köln;
Direction: Uwe Hotz)

Gabi Weiß. Nicht weiter (Solo show by Gabi Weiß;
Book and direction: Helmut Seliger)

Gabi Weiß in Florida: Ein Abend mit Irmgard Knüppel (solo by Gabi Weiß; Book and direction: Karin Döhrbaum)

Eine Frau namens Wanda (solo show by Wanda Rumor)
Misery (Production of Cologne Comedy Festival 2001) (Book: Stephen King; Direction: Jonathan Briefs)
Diva a.D. Auf immer Wiedersehen (farewell show by Wanda Rumor)

Das rosarote Spukschloß (LGBT Karneval spectacle, 2002)
40qm² Heimat (Die Kutschallas, 2002)

R(h)ein texanisch (solo show by Steve Nobles, 2004)

Janz persönlich! (Charlotte Rettig and Steve Nobles,
Direction: Dagmar Bedbur, 2005)

Nette Renee (Andreas Swoboda and Jeanette
Urzendowsky, Direction: Dagmar Bedbur, 2007)

Arise and Sing! (Festival anthem for Various Voices Dublin 2014)

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Kein Beinbruch

One of my favorite songs, performed by Wanda Rumor. Lyrics: Pelle Pershing. Cello: John Simon.

Dann schlag ich zu

Let’s translate this piece as “Sieze the Chance.” Written by me and Wanda Rumor for a theater production of Stephen King’s Misery.

Du riefst an

Another great lyric by Pelle Pershing. This is a live version recorded at a charity benefit.

Ich will nimmie ‘ne Immi sinn

My first song written and performed in the Cologne dialect.


Click to hear Wanda Rumor singing “Kein Beinbruch”.


Click to hear me singing “Dann schlag ich zu”.


Click to hear my 1997 live performance of “Du riefst an”.