Steve Nobles | What can I do for you?
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What can I do for you?

Need a German-English translation? Some English-language copy-writing, or maybe a quick press release? Do you have a lyric you want set to music?

Looking for a good accompanist for an upcoming show? Maybe you want a musical performance for an upcoming event, or need help planning a concert or show? For all this and more, I’m your man.

Email is the best way to reach me.


As a collaborative pianist I have worked with innumerable singers and instrumentals in a wide variety of projects and styles.

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I’ve been writing and arranging music for vocal soloists, choirs and instrumental ensembles throughout Germany since 1982.

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From intimate weddings and funerals to massive events involving multiple choirs and orchestras – I can take care of it for you.

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I’ve been doing voiceover work for industrial films, documentaries, training films, promotional films and the like since 2002.

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Having lived and worked in Germany since 1982, I began offering my services as a translator and interpreter in 2002.

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Since I was a little boy, I've wanted to see the world. Then I read that in the future we won't be bound down geographically, and thought, What am I waiting for? I've visited 37 countries so far.

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